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Intensive Workshop on Dental Implants

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This intensive workshop on Dental Implants helps beginner practitioners to develop the crucial skills and the ability to apply those skills in everyday clinical situations with utmost excellence. “With clear demonstrations”, hands-on experience, and expert guidance throughout the training, this workshop is the ideal gateway to the field of implantology

Medical Care

Topics Covered:

  1. Implant Design and Systems
  2. Armamentarium for Implant Surgery
  3. Brief Theory about Implants
  4. Radiographic Interpretations and Modern Radiological Technique (CBCT)
  5. Medical Considerations for Implant Surgery
  6. Bone Grafts


3 Days


INR 80,000


KK Dental Clinic, Banipark, Jaipur

Why this Course?

  1. Demonstration and Hands-On experience available.
  2. Exclusive – 5 Implant Placements by each candidate, under expert supervision.
  3. Extensive interactions with the expert guide.
  4. Learner-friendly environment.
  5. Access to the latest instruments and techniques.