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General Dentistry Course

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This course aims to provide practical experience in the field of general dentistry through professional guidance, rigorous training, and advanced latest facilities. “Specially designed” for the new practitioners entering the field, it helps them in honing their skill set, gaining experience, and achieving confidence for long-term clinical success.

Medical Care

Topics Covered:

1. RCT- i)Access Opening, ii)BMP (with Hand and Rotary Files), iii)Obturation
2. Clinical Diagnosis,
Uses, and Interpretation of RVG in Endodontics
3. Light Cure Composite Restoration
4. Bleaching
5. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of FPD, Crown Preparation
7. Shade Selection
8. Clinical Diastema Closure
9. Tray Selection, Impression Making, Cementation Procedure
10. Different L.A Techniques
11. Extractions (Surgical and Non-Surgical)
12. Suturing
13. Ultrasonic Scaling


3 Months


INR 40,000


KK Dental Clinic, Banipark, Jaipur

Why this Course?

  • Access to the latest instruments and techniques.
  • Specially designed for beginner practitioners.
  • Systematic and well-organized extensive training.
  • Learner-friendly approach.
  • Clinical Setting.